What we do: on-site renewable heat and power from biomass process wastes

We deliver substantial savings on your energy costs and significant reductions in the environmental impact of your waste management activities and energy requirements. We do this through the deployment of high efficiency biomass CHP systems, converting your biomass process waste to heat and power for your process (and available for export to other uses where appropriate). Winner of the Rushlight Waste to Energy Award (2010), HiCHP is ideally suited to on-site applications integrated into industrial and agricultural processes.  

HiCHP - Intelligent Engineering for Heat & Power

  • Reliability and durability: intrinsically low maintenance design.
  • High Efficiency: 50%-100%+ improvement over existing systems.
  • Fuel flexibility: high fuel moisture tolerance, avoids pre-drying, applicable to a range of fuels e.g. agricultural and timber residues, food industry waste.
  • Scalability: 100kWe to multi-MW.
  • Fully automated: unmanned operation in non-expert environments.
  • Modular design: rapid and efficient installation and mass manufacture. 

   HiCHP™ delivers process performance of high quality “big generation” at small-scale and in unmanned applications.